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Mission Statement:

The mission of Well Balanced by Hope is to EMPOWER Adults 40 and over to live their best life through a well-balanced lifestyle. The goal is also to INSPIRE people to get the Body of their Dreams.

The body needs balance, it is important to control your cortisol. The key to healthy immune systems response is balance.  One of the top secrets to well-balanced life is managing stress. When you are living with balance in your life, you are living with peace, joy and harmony every day.

Clients will learn how to shift their minds to live a well-balanced lifestyle while putting themselves first in order to better serve others.

Clients will learn the concepts of L.E.A.N.  to make better food choices by knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

“I participated in the Metabolic Health Challenge after witnessing the extraordinary transformation in Coach Hope physique from winning a bodybuilding-bikini competition at age 51. I am a 52-year-old female who suffered from slow metabolism, weight gain, and poor nutritional health. Most fitness coaches focus on exercise only. What I really liked about this program is how it encompassed the whole body, mind, spirit, and soul. Coach Hope concentrated on how to love yourself through stress elimination and work life balance. When I completed the challenge, I lost weight, several inches off my waist and felt healthier with more energy”

-Natalie S.

“I participated in the Metabolic Health Challenge after my kidney transplant.  I wanted to control my blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar level by diet and exercise, and reduce my medicine intake.  Within 3 months, my A1C reduced from over 9.0 to 6.6, I lost weight and blood pressure and overall cholesterol went down”

-Leroy B.

“I participated in the 22-day Metabolic Health Challenge because I wanted to improve my health and lose weight.  I like the challenge because it focuses on mental and physical self-care. I heightened my awareness of my stress and incorporated breathing techniques and taking relaxing baths.  I lost weight, reduced stress, and felt better”

-belinda W.H.

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